Hartwell Tennis Club

Minutes of AGM - 2017

14 February 2018 |



Saturday  25th February 2017,  12.30pm




Present: Rick Benson, Rick Kiddle, Julie Angus-Kiddle, Kati Gall, Rebecca James, MaryAnn Biro, Pam White, Gai Woolhouse, Maureen Chesler

Apologies: None

Acceptance of previous minutes:  Moved: Rick Benson, Seconded:  Rick Kiddle

Business Arising:  None


President’s report – Rick Benson

2016 has passed very quickly and the Club is about to elect its 2017 committee. We have had another year of enjoyable tennis at Hartwell and numbers for regular social play have remained steady throughout the year along with regular groups or families who use the courts throughout the week.

I sometimes wonder if all members who enjoy the Club’s facilities realise how much thought and work go into their preservation. Small clubs like ours have always relied on a key core of people who do most of the work and I think this is as true now as it was in the past. So this is a good opportunity to thank those very people: Gai Woolhouse, our meticulous and hard working secretary; Rick Kiddle, our equally meticulous Treasurer; plus all those other members of the committee who put their hands up to help in a variety of ways….Kati Gall, Pam White, Rebecca James, Mary Ann Biro, Maureen Chesler and Julie Angus – Kiddle. I also thank past members like Peter Duncan who, although no longer playing at the Club, retain an affection for it and offer advice from time to time. One should not underestimate the value of solidarity and commitment provided these and like people in a technological age where everything moves quickly and where humanity often plays second fiddle to interest rates and stock markets.

I am pleased that in 2016 we have kept alive the Club tradition of welcoming the community and fostering the development of young people. Thanks to the organisational skills of Gai Woolhouse and the initiative of the Boroondara City Council, we have opened our courts to the public every Saturday this February. At least two courts have been patronised each Saturday and the Club will benefit from some of these people becoming new members. There have been some young children among these visitors and they have taken the opportunity to contact Pat Wright, our Club coach, to improve their skills.

This brings me to the great business of this meeting : incorporation. We have discussed this issue at length over the past eighteen months. All club members have been apprised of necessary details and asked for their opinion. Now is the time to make our final decision! As you already know, it is my opinion that the Club can only benefit from such a move : we gain access to Tennis Victoria, we gain access to a web page which will ease the burden of organisation at committee level, and we gain insurance and legal protection. As Elizabeth Lanyon, secretary of the Glen Iris Uniting Church, said in an email to Rebecca James 15/2/17 : ” we do not have any concern at all about… The incorporation of the Club, which is good practice. ” it is my great hope that we can move ahead with this modernisation which, in my opinion, protects the Club and the Church into the future without having any other implications or necessitating any recurrence of disputation.                                   R. Benson.


Moved:  Rebecca James          Seconded:  Julie Angus-Kiddle




Treasurer’s Report – Rick Kiddle

Accounts, as attached separately, not yet reviewed as our accountant is away.  Will be attended to soon.


Summary Year ending 31 December 2016

UCA Investment Account       $11,323

Westpac Bank Account           $ 3,201.92


Receipts :         Memberships              $4,180.00

Balls, keys, visitors     $  865.00

Interest, coaching        $  355.00


Payments:        Courts, utilities, rates insurance etc     $4,843


Cashbook balance at end of year:        $15,082

Moved: Gai Woolhouse          Seconded:  Mary Anne Biro


Property Report – Ric Benson and Pam White

Courts 1 & 2 are in good condition with topping of entoucas after severe weather conditions.  Court 3 to be repaired soon.

Monthly working bees are keeping the club looking good.  Thanks to Mary Anne’s friend Mark for his assistance.  The task of mowing is shared.

Moved:  Maureen Chesler       Seconded:  Kati Gall


Election of Office Bearers:

President:       Ric Benson                  Nominated: Kati   Seconded: Gai Woolhouse

Vice President:  Kati Gall                  Nominated: Ric   Seconded: Rick K

Treasurer:  Rick Kiddle                     Nominated Rebecca, Seconded: Ric Benson

Secretary:  Gai Woolhouse                Nominated Ric, Seconded: Pam White

Committee:  Mary Anne Biro, Rebecca James, Pam White, Maureen Chesler, Julie Angus-Kiddle




  1. That the name of Hartwell Uniting Tennis Club be changed to Hartwell Tennis Club Proposed:  Ric Benson  Seconded: Gai Woolhouse      CARRIED
  2. That Hartwell Tennis Club (or the approved name) become an Incorporated Association under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981

Proposed: Ric Benson   Seconded: Gai Woolhouse    CARRIED

  1. That the Model Rules for Hartwell Tennis Club, as circulated, be accepted.

Proposed: Ric Benson   Seconded:  Gai Woolhouse  CARRIED

  1. That Incorporation becomes operational by 1 July 2017.

Proposed: Ric Benson   Seconded: Gai Woolhouse   CARRIED


Membership and Fees:  An increase in annual fees was discussed.  It was agreed to keep the same as last year.


General Business:  none


Meeting closed 1.15pm