Green Gully Tennis Club


All Junior GGTC players are required to wear the GGTC polo shirt when representing the club in competition.

Other GGTC garments, including hats will also be available, but are not compulsory.

The cost is $55 for a the club Polo shirt and Cap, ($40 for Polo only and $20 for the cap).

We also have a club Hoodie available for Juniors and Parents sizes from 8-16 Kids and S-XXXXXXXL Adults. Cost is $50

Uniforms can be purchased via Team App on your Smartphone or Online at (Pickup can be coordinated with the Junior Delegate)

To access the GGTC smart phone app “Team App”, please see below instructions.

1. Search for and download ‘Team App’ in the Apple or Google Play app store
2. Sign up and make a Profile
3. Login to your account
4. Search for Green Gully Tennis Club
5. When you enter for the first time select a request to become a ‘Player or Official’ if you are a member of the club
6. Start enjoying the new app!

If you would like to order uniforms or have any questions, problems, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Junior Delegate: Peter Vass on 0429 042 228

Below is an example of the Polo Top, Cap and Hoodie.

NSJTA GGTC New Caps 2016


GGTC NSJTA New Polo Top 2016