Grange TC

Competitions and Social

The club offers opportunities to play junior or senior team competition tennis in the local Western Districts
Tennis Association.

Juniors: Boys and Girls (under 18) teams play Saturday mornings (and Friday evenings in summer for
Premier and A divisions). We anticipate entering a number of teams (consisting of 4 or 5 players) for Summer
2018/19. For beginners the association may host a Hot Shots division using lower compression balls.
A Winter competition will also be offered for Juniors.To nominate for a junior team please contact: Club Secretary: Craig Johnston 0409 813 915 or Treasurer Aref Ahmadi 0412 073 713 or Coach David Grainger on 0431 906 403

Seniors: Women’s and Men’s teams play Saturday afternoons over summer from 8 Oct. The club anticipates
nominating women’s and men’s teams for Singles/doubles and doubles only teams.
To nominate for a senior team please contact: Club Secretary: Craig Johnston 0409 813 915, Treasurer Aref
Ahmadi 0412 073 713.

Lawn Tennis: Summer Lawn tennis is played on Wednesday (Mens) & Saturday (Mixed) afternoons.

Social: Mid-week Ladies tennis is played on synthetic courts year round on Wednesday mornings as is Men’s
night tennis on Tuesday evenings & also Mixed on Thursday night.
Vistors are welcome and the fee is $10 per person per session. Use of lights is an additional charge of $3.