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Founded in 1891 the Grafton City Tennis Club now boasts over 110 members offering Memberships from Junior through to Senior, as well as Family, Lifetime and Ages 2+. Our world class facilities include 14 Courts: 12 hardcourt and 2 Synthetic Grass Courts all under Halogen Lighting.  With 7 court surfaces upgraded in 2005.
The extraordinary ability, expertise and commitment of our coaching staff to foster and develop exceptional juniors has resulted in 12 tennis students gaining scholarships with prestigious colleges in the USA. Our coaching staff are always enthusiastic, positive and encouraging to all our students.
Under the direction of Phil Beckman, The GCTC is poised to develop players who aim to specialise in providing scientifically designed practices that involve intense workouts in the development of ball striking, footwork and strategy. We offer drills, fitness, match play, profiling and tournament mentorship.
The Junior Tennis Academy’s methodology not only develops impeccable technique but also teaches our athletes how to WIN.
We believe to become an excellent tennis player requires hardcore drilling, as well as a fun practice. It requires tournament and match play experience, fitness, private lessons and profiling.
Each part of this total development is equally important.

Play Tennis – play social or competition tennis, hire a court…. Courts open all days, day/night time hire – call coach Phil Beckman on 0422 586089 to access courts if unattended.   Day court hire is $15.00 per hour for non members and for members is free.

Grafton City Tennis Club Brochure

Courts –  The club hosts 12 hardcourts including 7 high performance ‘True Blue’ plexipave hardcourts and 2 synthetic grass courts.

The Club is a member of the Goodsports program at  that promotes a safe, healthy and family friendly environment at our Club and we welcome all players and their families.


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