Glenview Mooloolah Tennis Club Inc




At the moment our club has 3 Monday Night Fixture teams. There are no Wednesday or Friday Ladies teams representing our club. There are our  Div 2 team – Mooloolah Mungralls – Div 3 team – Mooloolah Mad Dogs – Div 3 team – Mooloolah Meteors.
The games are played in a sequence of home and away games alternating most weeks.  When you are the home team each player is expected to bring some supper to share with the away team.  Fees for the night are $10 each player given to the home team captain. The home team is expected to leave the clubhouse clean and tidy and ensure that the lights are turned off and that all the court gates are locked.
At the commencement of each season each member is to contribute to the Registration fee for the team to play in the competition which is usually around $10 each player. Each player must be a member of our Club to be covered for insurance.


Our Junior players have played in various competitions. They have participated in competitions organised by –
The SCTA – An inhouse competition – Junior Masters Tournaments – Other Junior Tournaments.
Over the years our players have had some successful results in these tournaments. The court and registration fees for these events vary with each tournament. Any Junior players representing our club are required to be members of our Club to be covered for insurance. We have been able to enter 3 to 4 teams each Season.