Glenvale Tennis Club

07 March 2013 |

New Access Card System and Wi-Fi
From – Bev Koenig
10:31 AM (5 hours ago)

Dear members,

As you are aware, the card access system at Glenvale had gradually become very unreliable over the years.  After months of evaluating our options, the committee made the decision to replace the system entirely.  You may have noticed technicians from Chubb working in the clubhouse over the past week.

We are pleased to inform you that installation of Glenvale’s new card access system is now almost complete.  This means that you will once again be able to open the clubhouse door using your card, and access the courts from 7 am as before. 

There is no need for members to do anything, as your existing card should still work with the new system.

As in any new installation however, there will always be teething problems.  Should your access card not work as it should, please contact Edmund Lu on 0437-559-525 or [email protected].  We will do our best to help you, but we ask for your patience as it is not always possible to fix the problem immediately.

On another matter, some of you may have noticed that Wi-Fi is now available in the clubhouse.  This is a free service provided by the club – you will find the password displayed on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.