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GHTC Update December 2019

20 December 2019 |



Glen Eira Sports Breakfast October 2019

A lot has been achieved in the last year. In 2017 Glenhuntly Tennis Club adopted a detailed 5-year Business Plan. Progress is being made on four priorities:

  • To increase members
  • To upgrade courts
  • To increase participation
  • To manage a friendly community tennis club.

We’re proudly welcoming of our whole community and we have members originating from more than fifteen countries. This year we farewelled Roger Yan, Megumi Sato and Simon Huxtable who returned to China, Japan and NZ respectively. Having completed a Master of Sports Management degree, Roger said at his farewell function: “I have so much enjoyed my time at Glenhuntly Tennis Club. This Club brings together everything that is so great about multiculturalism and sport in Australia.” Roger now works promoting tennis in Chinese schools (with Chinese Government funding) and we keep in touch.

Sixteen initiatives are underway to up members to 220 by 2022. For example, we widely distributed publicity brochures about our Club and gave special flyers in Mandarin to our members and distributed them to apartments north of the racecourse and to students at Monash Caulfield.

Our community tennis Club is building a strong partnership with neighbouring Glen Eira College. In August and September we provided 24 days of “Introduction to Tennis” for 150 Year Glen Eira College students, and over 50 students have registered to try out for the school squad with free help and coaching from our Club. Our Committee have volunteer “working with children” checks. We provided courts for Ormond Tennis Club (whose fences were down) and for Marriot House and junior AJL League players. We also host Neighbourhood Watch meetings.

Glenhuntly Tennis Club hopes in December/January to undertake major court works (including resurfacing, new fencing and Book-a-Court). A healthy sinking fund has been built for capital works, we’ve received detailed competitive quotes and grant applications are now underway.

In February this year Glenhuntly Tennis Club ran three free events for Melbourne Tennis Week, with promotion help from Tennis Victoria and Glen Eira Council (including a free night of organized social tennis, a free juniors coaching and play session and a free tennis open day).

Our four organised social tennis sessions each week are going well and the first casual visit is free. Casual use of our courts has also increased. Our Club has nine teams in competition (four teams are juniors) and we’re aiming for 17 teams in 2022.


Mixed Rubbers Section 3 Team of Susan Stagg, Michael Stagg, Tony Luxmore, and Loretta Garvey (pictured) plus Cyril Sansano and Nola Hardie) who won the Jack Butterworth Trophy for the highest percentage of over 400 teams in the Bayside Association competition

Recently our Section 12 Boys (Jack Moses, Jeremy Bendel, Rico Tran and Ravi Boltman) also won their Grand Final. Our Section 5 Boys (Rhys Kennedy, Jacob Tsyrlin, Lachlan Zuker and Gill Kras) were Runners-up.