Glencairn Tennis Club

Court Availability

As is the case with court hire there is no booking system for general member use of the courts. Coaching, competition, occasional court maintenance and club sanctioned activities take precedence over general member use. The committee does its best to balance court availability between casual and organised tennis.

In times that the courts are busy and others are waiting to use courts we ask all members to:

  1. Limit their playing to 45 minutes
  2. Let those waiting know when they are finishing
  3. If playing singles, perhaps play doubles instead to give others an opportunity to play
  4. Respect other member’s right use the facilities (no member is more entitled than any other)


Below are links to the current court availability schedules, both schedules are displayed on the outside of the respective clubrooms at both court locations. Its worth checking the schedule before arranging to have a hit of tennis.

Court Schedule_Frank Sedgman

Court Schedule_Haig Avenue

Further information regarding the court schedules:

  • Court schedules are based on worst-case scenario, sometimes there may be a court available but you should enquire at the courts first.
  • Generally there are always courts available for member use at all times with the exception of Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm and Saturday Mornings until about 10.30am due to competitions and coaching.
  • During School Term holidays, junior competition and coaching does not occur so the courts are available
  • During the Christmas holidays there is no coaching nor any competition so the courts are available for member use.