Gladeswood Reserve Tennis Club

Gladeswood Reserve Tennis Club was founded in the early 80’s
to service the needs of the then developing Haverbrack Estate
and its surrounding area. We are part of Gladeswood Reserve located in Mulgrave, Victoria. We offer an array of tennis facilities for players
of all levels ranging from a friendly hit with family and friends to competitions in the Waverley District for both junior and senior levels. Coaching is also available for players of all ages and abilities.
We are a thriving friendly club that places emphasis on tennis as
a healthy, fun activity.









To Join, click on link below:

Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you!

Stage 4 Victorian Tennis Update: 3 August 2020

Dear Tennis Community,

The Victorian Government announced that from 6pm on Sunday,
2 August, Victoria is in a State of Disaster.

Based on the announcement by the Premier, and further advice from Sport and Recreation Victoria:

  • All tennis clubs and facilities must close in Metropolitan Melbourne until further notice.
  • All tennis activity in Regional Victoria (including Mitchell Shire) will move to Stage 3 restrictions from Thursday 6 August. You can view the Community Tennis Guidelines for Stage 3 restrictions.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. It is important that we respect the new restrictions for our own health and the health and safety of the wider community.

Please do stay safe and healthy during this difficult time and hopefully, we can see a Return to Tennis again in the Spring.


Thursday Open Court Social Tennis

Suspended until further notice.

 Felicia: 0416 019 689.