Gerringong Tennis Club

Ladies Summer Comp 2020

08 November 2019 |

Hi ladies

 It’s time for Summer comp 2020  planning, our submissions need to be in to KSDTA by 28th November, so we will have our submission meeting Sunday 24th November 4pm at the clubhouse.

It would be extremely helpful if anyone can put their hand up to be our ‘competition co-ordinator’. If you can, please message the club ASAP.

Submissions this year are a little easier, just email  your proposed team including

·         Full Name

·         Address

·         Email

·         Phone

·         DOB

If you don’t have a team yet, just submit these details individually, give us an idea of your play level,  and we will slot you into a team .

There are a few changes this year, particularly with the night comp but please be mindful of the following:

Team submissions are proposals only. The committee will try to accommodate all proposals but we will need to be mindful of new ‘single’ players that would like to play and number equity across all teams. The final divisions are set by the KDSTA.

Day comp will remain Thursdays – 9.15 for a 9.30 start. 3 player/6 sets competition. 

Night comp will be a 7.00 for 7.15 start. 2 player/ 3 sets comp. Team submissions must be 3 or more.

Night comp court availability will certainly include the hard courts being used by all teams, and potentially require an offsite ‘home court’ from time to time. The KSDTA may rotate this amongst teams rather than have a single team impacted. We will be submitting our teams but the KSDTA have flagged that the numbers may increase which will affect division capacity, but no teams will be expected to change nights.

All fee’s remain unchanged.

Any new players to Gerringong tennis club will need to be registered and paid (half season rate $65) by 28th November.

All submissions must be emailed to [email protected] by 22nd November which will allow some pre planning to take place and save us all time on the 24th.

 Looking forward to a great season