Gerringong Tennis Club

Updating our membership renewing process (via online portal)

06 June 2019 |
Hi Members & Supporters

This Year, Gerringong Tennis Club are updating our membership renewing process via the online portal via Tennis Australia. This will allow improved management and tracking of all our memberships and will be aligned with auditor recommendations.

All payments will be applicable for a financial year EXCEPT our juniors, as their comp timing runs to a different schedule. (Oct – Sep).

This same registration process will apply whether you are a comp player, junior, social or a family membership.

There are 2 parts – The first will be to set up your profile, and the second will linking to Gerringong Tennis Club & relevant payment.

Part 1 – Registration with Tennis NSW.

Go to

Click ‘join’ in the top right corner.

Click ‘join with email’. You will be prompted to enter your basic details and create your own password.

You will be sent an email to verify your account. You need to do this step before the site will allow you to progress any further.

Once verified select ‘go to profile’ and complete the rest of the details & Save.


Part 2 – Joining & payment to Gerringong Tennis Club

While you are in ‘my profile’ click ‘memberships’ from the left column. It will ask you to find a court. Proceed and type in Gerringong or 2534.

Scroll down and under the heading Gerringong Tennis club, select the option to ‘Join this club’. (it is in small font).

Select the relevant membership type.  Eg for ladies comp players, select the 2019-2020 Ladies Competition membership. Your details will be verified as you progress through the screens for payment

Once you reach the screen payment options, you need to select EFT. Click Next.

The next screen is a confirmation. It will confirm the payment amount, and expiry date of the relevant membership. Once you hit CONFIRM you will be emailed an invoice within 24 hours.

Once you have the email, please process the EFT payment. USE YOUR FULL NAME AS THE REFERENCE. Do not use the word ‘tennis fees’ or we cannot link it to you.

The club will have received an email to notify that your membership is pending, and we will therefore monitor the bank payments, and once verified, your membership will be approved on the site

The final step is that you will receive an email to confirm receipt of your payment and that your membership is approved. You are good to go!!

Comp player payments are due by 30/6/19. Any players with outstanding payments are not able to participate in the KSDTA competitions.