Gatton Tennis Association Inc

About Us

Gatton Tennis Club was established circa 1920 and was located in Hickey Street.  In 1967, the club house was shifted to its present site at 5 Woodlands Road and four new ant bed courts were laid.  Synthetic grass replaced the ant bed in 1982 and has remained the preferred surface since then.

Gatton Tennis Association Inc (as it is now known) is a member of Tennis Queensland and Lockyer Tennis Association.

The courts are used weekly by our members as well as by the local high school; Social Clubs; Community members and fixture players of Lockyer Tennis Association.  Professionals use the courts for tennis coaching and Tennis Queensland use the courts for exhibition matches and Hot Shots.

Gatton Tennis Association, 5 Woodlands Road, Gatton.  Four court hire or other enquiries contact;

Barbara Kleidon: 5462 2584

Marlene Harch :  5462 3614