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We love tennis!

At Futures we believe tennis is the greatest sport on Earth – it’s great fun, you get fit while you play, you meet other similar minded people who become life long friends because tennis can be played, socially or competitively, all your life.

Tennis is fun, fitness, friends and most importantly – forever!

Futures Tennis has always tried to be “more than the average” tennis academy. Director, Wes Horskins is a former ATP player who toured the world circuit for six years and played in Grand Slam tournaments such as the main draw of the Australian Open. He has been a Tennis Australia Club Coach Professional for twenty four years and also has a Diploma of Education. In 2008 East Malvern Tennis Club, our largest coaching venue, was ranked number one as the largest Community Based Tennis Club in the State. In 2010 Wes won the TCAV Club Coach of the Year award and was nominated as a finalist in both the National Awards for Tennis Australia Club Coach of the Year and the Hot Shots [Modified Tennis] Coach of the Year 2010. He is also the current representative for all Victorian and Tasmanian coaches on the National Coach Advisory Board and was on the T.C.A.V. board for eight years. He is a Tennis Australia Hot Shots Ambassador, one of only fifteen coaches selected Australia wide, to promote the modified game of Hot Shots tennis.

This success is due, in part, to our coaching and competition programs which are sequential, homogenized and modified for younger pupils so that all our programs comprehensively suit all ages & standards from raw beginners in our Hot Shots Red Ball Program right through to our Grand Slam Coaching program for tournament players.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching Philosophy is the same as the International Tennis Federations and Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots coaching which is one of “Play Based Approach”. As a registered provider of Hot Shots we teach kids to serve, rally and score as soon as possible so that they can play the real game of tennis. We encourage kids of all ages to participate in internal or external competition so that they can test the skills that they learn at coaching and also to cement their love of the game. We realize the three “F’s” of competition- Fair, Fear and Fun. We organize comps in a non-threatening environment by modifying equipment, have similar standards pupils play each other and play multiple short matches against many different opponents. Lastly, we make sure at all time more emphasis is placed on fun and belonging than simply winning.

Tennis is a game of rallying – receiving and then sending – therefore we believe at a young age reception skills [anticipation, perception, movement, decision making] are equally as important as projection skills [hitting the ball ie. technique]. We teach tennis skills of which technique is just one of many skills to be learn’t. After-all what use is technique if kids regularly misread the flight of the ball and find they are either too far, or too close, to the ball to play an effective shot! Therefore we place a high emphasis on the movement cycle – after-all tennis is not golf! Reading the flight of a moving tennis ball makes it difficult to position the body correctly, play the shot and finally recover ready for the next cycle to begin. These things form the fundamental building blocks to a rally. Of course as kids reception skills improve technique becomes more important.

In each stage of the program red, yellow, green, championship ball the court, balls and skills being taught become more challenging. A diagram of the court sizes we use for each color ball.

We also utilize the most advanced teaching aids: ball machines, jump fast ladders, stay ball stands, modified nets and four different types of low compression balls which makes the ball bounce lower, slower and softer [for safety] for four different levels of ability [Red, Orange, Green, Yellow ball]. We modify the game to fit the kid! We cater for all aspects of your coaching including advice about a new racquet or restring and have a fully stocked Pro Shop.

For more information refer to coaching programs or to see our coaching competencies for all levels of our Hot Shots [3-10yr old] program click here. All pupils in our Hot Shots program recieve a Report card at the end of each term assessing their development.


Red Ball program


Futures Tennis Academy [F.T.A.] offers a systematic, sequential and holistic total program which enhances all player opportunity’s to reach their potential.

Through-out each stage in the program players can see the pathway they need to take for their future development and improvement. Our programs are constantly being modified to incorporate best practice.

Futures strongly recommends that pupils play in either/both internal or external competition, in conjunction with their coaching, as each program justifies and extends the other. Although coaching improves and develops tennis skills matchplay is where kids get to test those skills under real conditions. To participate in just one program is to do only half the job. Of course, by playing at least twice per week, there is also more likelihood of improvement.

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