Enfield Tennis Club

Our achievements

Enfield Tennis Club has a proud history of achieving on and off the court.

Life Members and Player Life Members

Life membership is awarded to anyone who has given distinguished service to the club. The following have been given this recognition:

1970: B. Berry
1973: G. Trait
1976: A. Russell
1979: R. Woolacott
1983: P. Russell
1988: T. Brokate
1988: V. Baker
2004: C. Russell
2009: I. Dunlop
2012: K. Blank
2020: L. James

A number of members have been awarded Player Life Membership, for playing 15 continuous seasons for the club.

Some of our Life Members and Player Life Members, left to right: Sandra and Viv Baker, Peter Gregory, Corrine Maher, Pam Russell, Ian Dunlop, John Brealey, Craig Russell, Luke James, Kathryn Blank, Rodney Murray.

Competition success

Enfield has achieved longtime success in various juniors and seniors competitions.

And many more winners!

Club Champions

Enfield holds a Club Tournament every year for its members.

The Club Champions for 2020 were Kathryn Blank and Brandon Oster.

Other awards

A host of other awards for services to the club are given annually. These include the Councillor Carol Martin Perpetual Trophy – Outstanding Volunteer, the President’s Appreciation Award and the Junior Supervisors Appreciation Award.