Enfield Tennis Club

Club history

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Modest beginnings

The first meeting held to discuss the design and future use of Branson Avenue Reserve was held in 1962. At this meeting it was determined that a club would later operate the space, and that courts for tennis and basketball could be built. (1)

By 1965 two tennis courts had been built.These courts are the earliest beginnings of Enfield Tennis Club. In 1972 the Club already had over 90 juniors and three seniors teams.

In 1970 the first Club Championships were held. Allen Russell and Pam Russell were the first men’s and women’s champions respectively.

Enfield Tennis Club has continued to facilitate tennis competition and coaching for players of all ages and backgrounds. To date it has succeeded in serving as a welcoming community tennis club for residents in the Enfield and Clearview area.


(1) State Records of South Australia GRS 11360/1 Corporation of the City of Enfield, Reserve administration files, alphabetical series, file for Branson Reserve