East Camberwell Tennis Club

Court availability

Please note that availability of courts for members social play is often limited outside working hours due to competition on Monday to Thursday nights after 7pm (Seniors), Saturday and Sunday mornings (Juniors) and Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Senior). Breaks in these competitions generally take place around school holidays and public holidays.

Outside organized competition and coaching times, the six en-tout-cas courts are available at all times for members and the two Mod Grass courts are available for use outside school hours.

We would be happy to discuss this further with you. As a guide the chart that can be found via the link below gives a useful pictorial view of court availability.

ECTC Court Usage Guide 2018

For non-members, people who are looking for a court to have a hit on should go to the website listed below (“Book a Court”) to find a Tennis Club that allows casual (non-member) court bookings, and look for the “Court Hire” section. As of February 2020, East Camberwell does not support that system, but there is a plan to support it in the future.

Book a Court