East Gippsland Tennis Network



How to join

There is no Fee to be a member of Tennis East Gippsland.

All associations, clubs and players in the Region can benefit from our communications however –

  • only Tennis Victoria affiliated clubs can nominate a member to represent the club in our regional events, and
  • only registered players can participate in Tennis Victoria programs and events.

Update association, club and/or individual contact details by tabbing through this form, save the document and email /print & return it to The Secretary.

The Region exists to represent, and is only as strong as, all associations, clubs and players within our boundaries.

We encourage you to join our Email Distribution List to receive regular updates on regional activities and events.  Simply advise your email address here.

Member Benefits

Go to here for a summary of benefits from being a member of Tennis East Gippsland.

To enjoy the benefit of representative regional tennis a player must play the majority of your competitive tennis within the Region.