East Camberwell Tennis Club

Wine and Cheese Night Success

11 November 2010 |

Wine & Cheese Night – Saturday 23rd October 7pm

The Wine and Cheese Tasting night on 23 October to raise funds for the club was a lot of fun for the 45 people who attended and successful in raising over $1,200. The table speeches provided those present with witticisms, song, belly-aching humour, historical references, mime and revelry.

Various parties supported the fundraiser by donating various goods and we would like to thank them below as follows:-

Calendar Cheese Company donated about 1.5Kg each of magnificent Roquefort (unpasteurised blue cheese) from the south-west of France and a soft triple-cream cheese from the Jura Mountains along the Swiss border of eastern France. Calendar cheeses can be locally sourced from Cornelius Foods in Maling Rd., Canterbury and from Nick & Sue’s Gourmet Deli (who also helped out with a French Goat’s cheese) in the Camberwell Fruit and Vegetable Market.

Wine Box Warehouse, donated and subsidised the wines (3 whites & 3 reds) consumed on the night. They have a great range of wines at exceptionally competitive prices, from Railway Parade, Camberwell tel.1300 553 716 (Caroline) or through the internet www.wineboxwarehouse.com.au/ectc  but be sure to mention the club or include ectc on any orders you make, as the club receives $10 on every dozen wines purchased. Refer attached flyers for more details.

George Westin Foods (incorp. Don), who donated 6x1Kg Watsonia cheddar cheeses and to Paul Heisler who travelled afar to arrange and collect them.

Golden Gardenia (Camberwell Fruit & Vegetable Market), who donated apples and pears to go with the cheeses.

Bakers Delight, who provided the French sticks (to go with the cheese and help soak up the wine) along with 2 huge bags of surplus breads of all descriptions.

– Various club members (Wes Alfredson, Libby Plummer, Pieta Boyles & Dedrie Green) who donated wines to be auctioned off on the night.

 We would also like to thank Christian Vance and Geoff Plummer for their great efforts in sourcing the above items and running the night, as well as those other members that helped with setting up the clubhouse and food and cleaning up afterwards. And, finally, we would like to thank those who attended and supported the Club and congratulate the winning table.”