Clyde Tennis Club


This is an important letter to all members, so please read carefully and act as required. Print it out and highlight what is relevant to you if necessary.


Please find attached the clubs invoice and membership application to enable renewal of your  membership for a further 12 months. Also attached is the President’s annual report which highlights some positive actions the club will undergo in the next 6 months to improve facilities and surrounds for your enjoyment.


We value your support and strongly encourage you to use facilities at every opportunity,  and with the spring and summer days ahead, what better way to spend your time than a social hit at the Clyde tennis club after work during day light savings.


Don’t forget that Keith Neale holds a Sunday morning social hit from 8.30am which is a great way to meet other players and Hans Dellemyn runs the Tuesday night social comp.   Natasha Smith is now our media liaison for any info for Club website and facebook. Contact her to offer news and reports. She is also preparing plans to run a Wednesday night advanced players competition for the more competitive type of player. If interested contact her or myself ASAP.

Check our website for further details , coaching programs and many other current club matters.


We are running the Bunnings BBQ on Sunday 26/10 so please offer your assistance to Ian Gardiner who rosters workers on 2 hour shifts. Not too much time out of your day for a great cause.


You will note the invoice may be dated 1/9/14. Apologies for delay in issuing and on that basis we will extend the payment “due date”  to the 10th October, which will ensure any comp players are fully registered for the start of their season.


Payment can be made by EFT to the clubs acct using BSB 033-686 acct no 26 1053  Clyde Tennis Club , quoting invoice number as reference. A covering email to me with a copy of the completed membership form to confirm pmt is required as well.


Alternatively, please forward payment with completed form to the clubs ( PO Box 20,  Clyde 3978) address.


If you choose not to renew your membership, and hold a club key, this must be returned to the club via post or delivery to 14 Lecky Street Cranbourne, by due date to receive any applicable refund.  Any delays or the need for club to seek recovery may result in a nil refund.


Non members must not have a court key.



Wishing you good health and Happy hitting


Vaughan Smith