What is My Tennis?

My Tennis is a simple and quick online membership system for clubs available to all Tennis affiliates.

Who can use My Tennis?

All affiliated tennis clubs have access to My Tennis as part of their affiliation benefits.

Why should my club use My Tennis?

My Tennis is an online platform that allows your players to easily join, renew and pay their membership online cutting down on your administration time!

My Tennis does not require any software to be downloaded, in fact you can access My Tennis at any time from any computer with an internet connection!

How does My Tennis help me keep track of my players?

My Tennis stores all your membership data in one easily accessible, secure database. It allows you to run a number of reports and communicate with your players through the communication tool.

How do I start using My Tennis?

To get started with My Tennis, contact your local Participation Leader or 1800 PLAY TENNIS (1800 752 983) who can provide you with your login information as well as training and resources to assist you.

Can players join/renew and pay for memberships online?

Yes! Having your players join or renew online using My Tennis is a great way to save time as an administrator. Membership fees can be paid online with a credit card through our secure payment gateway. 

What happens if a player wants to join or renew online but we don’t accept online credit card payments or the preferred payment method is cash/cheque/EFT?

When a player registers online they can choose their preferred payment method: cash, credit card or cheque (Players will only be able to choose from payment methods made available by your club). The membership will remain pending in My Tennis until you approve the membership once you have received payment.

Can we use My Tennis to sell additional items such as merchandise and gate keys?

Yes. My Tennis is an easy and efficient way to allow players to purchase extra items with their membership, for example, ball fees, gate keys or merchandise. Extra items can only be purchased when registering or renewing a membership.

Some of our players prefer paper membership forms rather than registering online, is My Tennis still a good option for our organisation?

We encourage you to have as many people register online as possible but if you still receive paper membership forms you can easily enter these into your My Tennis.

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