Clifton & District Tennis

Club Championship

2019 Clifton Club Championship will be held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd November.

2018 Clifton Club Championship Results

Congratulations and well done to all our of players, volunteers and spectators for braving the heat over our Club Championship weekend. Some great games of tennis were played with the following results:

12yrs Doubles Winners: Sam & Alex Gilmore, Runners up: Sam & Charlie Smith.

12 Yrs Singles winner: Sam Gilmore, Runner up: Alex Gilmore.

13-16 Girls Singles winner: Alex Gilmore, Runner up: Brooke Kindelan.

13-16 yrs boys Singles winner: Liam Ruhle, Runner up Sam Gilmore.

13-16 yrs Doubles winners: Billy Mutch and Sam Gilmore, Runners up: Liam Ruhle and Digby Giggins.

Parent/Child doubles winners: Aaron & Alex Gilmore, Runners up: Damien & Harry Bange.
Over 60’s winners: Shirley Erhardt & Janette Frahm, Runners up: Gary & Jan Gilmore.

Over 40’s Doubles winners: Belinda Kindelan & Aaron Gilmore, Runners up: Susan Smith & Damien Bange.

Over 40’s Ladies Singles: Winner Belinda Kindelan, Runner Up Susan Smith.

Over 40’s Men’s singles: Winner Aaron Gilmore, Runner up Damien Bange.

Mixed Doubles winners: Jaeden Ruhle & Sophie Otten, Runners up: Aaron Gilmore & TerriAnn Otten.

Ladies Doubles winners: Sophie & Terri Ann Otten, Runners up: Jules Coutts and Janette Frahm,

Men’s Doubles winners: Damien Daly & Aaron Gilmore, Runners up: Damien Bange & Jaeden Ruhle.

Ladies Singles Winner: Jules Coutts, Runner up Sophie Otten.

Men’s Singles Winner: Jaeden Ruhle, Runner up: Damien Daly.

Well done to all our players and thanks for a great weekend. Thank you also to our Sponsors: RAFF, Clifton Auto Electrical and Mechanical, Clifton Courier and Clifton Pharmacy. Also to our raffle sponsors: Technifibre, Tennis Qld, Gillies Meats, Clifton ladies tennis, Kellie Brady-Nutrimetics and Bunnings.  Without the support of our wonderful sponsors these events would not be possible so a massive thank you from the Clifton and District Tennis Club.



2017 Club Championship

Congratulations to all of our players and thank you to everyone for a great weekend. A big thank you to our major sponsor Hopper Agriservices and also to our other sponsors Raff Group and Clifton Auto Ag.

(more photos in gallery)

Results from the weekend are:

12yrs & Under singles: Winner: Sam Gilmore, Runner-Up: Liam Ruhle

12 yrs & Under Doubles: Winners: Liam Ruhle & Sam Gilmore, Runners-Up: Digby Giggins & Joseph Bange

13-16yrs Boys Singles: Winner: Jaeden Ruhle, Runner-Up: Corey Quinn

13-16yrs Boys Doubles: Winners: Jaeden & Liam Ruhle, Runners-up: Clayton Brady & Jack McDonald

13-16yrs Girls Singles: Winner: Sophie Otten, Runner-Up: Brooke Kindelan

Over 60’s Ladies Singles: Winner: Shirley Erhardt, Runner-Up: Rhonda Holmes

Over 60’s Mens Singles: Winner: Peter Kindelan, Runner-Up: Col Dunlop

Over 60 Open Doubles: Winners: Col Dunlop & Shirley Erhardt, Runners-Up: Peter Kindelan & Andi Imhoff

Over 40’s Ladies Singles: Winner: Kellie Brady, Runner-Up: Terri Ann Otten

Over 40’s Mens Singles: Winner: Ted Callanan, Runner-Up: Michael Kindelan

Over 40’s Open Doubles: Winners: Michael Kindelan & Aaron Gilmore, Runners-Up: Ted Callanan & Col Dunlop

Mixed Open Doubles: Winners: Belinda & Michael Kindelan, Runners-Up: Meredith Lapsley & Aaron Gilmore.

Open Ladies Doubles: Winners: Terri Ann & Sophie Otten, Runners-Up: Kellie Brady & Meredith Lapsley

Open Ladies Singles: Winner: Sophie Otten, Runner-Up: Susan Smith

Open Mens Singles: Winner: Jaeden Ruhle, Runner-Up: Michael Kindelan

Congratulations to our winners today at the 2016 Club Championship Finals.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the weekend.  A big Congratulations to the following winners:

B Grade Singles –  Winner –  Jack McDonald, Runner up – Jed Esson

A Grade Singles – Winner – Hayden Smith, Runner up – James Kay

A Grade Consolation Winner – Corey Quinn, Runner up – Jessica Scott

Junior Open Doubles – Winners – Hayden Smith & Jaeden Ruhle, Runners up – Corey Quinn & Jay Patrick Delos Reyes

Ladies Singles – Winner – Stephanie Keats, Runner up – Terri Anne Otten

Men’s Singles – Winner – Brett Gollan, Runner up – Phil Lowry

Senior Open Doubles – Winners – Brett Gollan & Stephanie Keats, Runner up – Jaeden Ruhle & Phil Lowry

Photo of our winners below and more photos to view in Photo Gallery