Clearview Tennis Club

Life Members / Awards

Year Life Member
1968 Lewis A. ELLIS
1972 Alfred T.H. GROVES
1973 Dulcie M. GROVES
1978 James A. LISK
1985 Alison J. STUART
1985 Kath S. SMITH
1989 Colin E. PEDERICK
1991 Jeff A. COLEY
2001 Fred E. REYNOLDS
2003 Fay M. LISK  (hon)
2003 Bette HARRIS  (hon)
2003 Colleen N. REYNOLDS  (hon)
2009 Jane M. ARBON

Jim Lisk and Dulcie Groves became Life Members of Northern Districts  (Suburban) Tennis Association in August 1990.

For his years of volunteer work for tennis and the Clearview Tennis Club, Jim Lisk was named Citizen of the Year at the Port Adelaide Enfield Council Australia Day Awards 2011.

PAE Council Australia Day Service to the Community Awards were presented to Jeff Coley in 2019 and Alison Stuart in 2020.