Bruce Park TC

Renew Membership

If you are an existing or past member then you can renew your membership by completing the on-line application – click here:

Renew Membership Now


Note that you will need a ‘Tennis’ account to complete an online membership application. This ‘Tennis’ account should use the same email address as is recorded on your existing Bruce Park TC membership. If you don’t have a ‘Tennis’ account then you will be prompted to create one during the online membership application process.

Bruce Park Tennis Club offers the following membership categories for the period 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019:

Category Membership Fee
Junior $75
Student $90
Senior $170
Family (2 people) $280
Family (3 people) $300
Family (4+ people) $320
Pennant season $110
Emergency $15
Affiliate $15

CLUB ACCT DETAILS: BSB 063 487 ACCT No 10021487


  • No joining fee
  • Pro-rata rates apply from January
  • Junior – under 18 on 31st Dec of current year.
  • Student – under 25 on 31st Dec of current year and evidence of full time study or traineeship must be provided.
  • Family – any persons living at the same address.
  • Pennant Season – This is a limited membership that runs from April through to September to cover the Pennant season. Pro-rata rates apply from July.
  • Emergency – able to play only three competition matches.
  • Affiliate – parent or friend of the club. No playing or voting rights.