Bittern Tennis Club

The Bittern Tennis Club is located at Cresswell Rd Bittern, opposite the Bittern Primary School.

Coaching is conducted on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Bittern Tennis Club competes in Junior competition on Saturday mornings, Senior Competition on Saturday afternoons and mixed night tennis on Monday evenings and mens night tennis on Tuesday evenings.

The following is a list of Saturday premierships won over the years:

Winter 2009 Junior Mixed Section 11
Brodie Grimme, Max Hamlin, Brayden Cartwright, Hugo Hamlin

Summer 2008-09 Senior Mixed Doubles Section 7
Melanie De Lange, Jenny McGuiness, Nick Green, Trevor Atkins

Summer 2007-08 Junior Mixed Section 10
Jessica McGuiness, Meagan Korevaar, Alicia Coventry, Zac Davis-Arthur

Summer 2007-08 Senior Mixed Doubles Section 8
Melanie De Lange, Sarah Hill, Jo Wheeler, David Atkins, Trevor Atkins, Nick Green, Michael Wheeler

Summer 2007-08 Senior Mixed Singles Section 5
Chris Atkins, Shane Dale, Luke Dale

Summer 2006-07 Junior Mixed Section 12
Nathan Castles, Rochelle Santvoort, Amy Ryan, Jessica McGuiness

Summer 2005-06 Junior Mixed Section 8
Sarah Hill, Nick Green, Jarryd Korevaar, David Atkins

Summer 2005-06 Junior Mixed Section 19
Amy Ryan, Rochelle Santvoort, Jessica McGuiness, Meagan Korevaar, Rebecca Blackney

Summer 2005-06 Junior Mixed Section 22
Nathan Castles, Ashley Parr, Mitchell McLeod, Nathan Blanchard

Summer 2005-06 Junior Mixed Section 23
Kaitlyn Richards, India Clifford, Steven Scott, Kelly Cave

Winter 2005 Junior Mixed Section 11
Nick Green, Beau Monty, Justin Bourke, David Atkins

Summer 2004-05 Junior Mixed Section 12
David Atkins, Nick Green, Beau Monty, Jarryd Korevaar

Winter 2000 Juniors Section 12
Ross Leerentveld, Kevin Toohey, Clay Parsons, David Lawrence

Winter 2000 Juniors Section 6
Michael Haddad, James Bellamy, Matthew Bell, Jessica Smith

Winter 1999 Juniors Section 18
Shane Ainsworth, Amy Williams, Denke Nord-D’Alton

Summer 1998-99 Juniors Section 12
Team Unknown

Summer 1998-99 Juniors Section 16
Kevin Toohey, Tate Laugher, Amy Williams

Winter 1998 Mixed Doubles Section 6
Linda Dyall, Lorraine Hannah, Pauline McMaster, Brad Lewry, Howard Wilson

Winter 1998 Juniors Section 15
Shane Kidgell, Asher Day, Adam Kidgell

Winter 1998 Junior Mixed Section 1
Brad Lewry, Shannon Johnson, Jason Bailey, Aaron Gallagher,

Summer 1997-98 Mixed Doubles Section 12
Linda Dyall, Dana Bruce, Pauline McMaster, Howard Wilson, Shannon Johnson

Summer 1997 Midweek Ladies Section 12
D Bruce, J Sonneveld, H Matulis, K Carey, P McMaster

Winter 1997 Juniors Section 4
Jason Bailey, Cameron Forrester, Rueben Day

Summer 1996-97 Mixed Doubles Section 8
Linda Dyall, Bruce Forrestor, Madeleine Haddad, Howard Wilson, Bill Allen

Summer 1996-97 Juniors Section 4
Brad Lewry, Jason Bailey, Shannon Johnson

Summer 1996-97 Juniors Section 7
Ajay Lachmund, Reuben Day, Cameron Forrestor

Summer 1996 Midweek Ladies Section 2
D Bruce, J Sonneveld, H Matulis, J Brown, P McMaster, T White, K Carey

Winter 1996 Mixed Doubles Section 13
G Davey, S McMaster, C Davey, P McMaster, D Brown, M Haddad

Winter 1996 Mixed Doubles Section 9
D Bruce, L Hannah, F Gogoll, B Allen, B Forrestor

Winter 1996 Mens Singles Section 3
T Hutchison, G Pretty, H Wilson

Winter 1996 Juniors Section 11
Lauren Cummings, Jason Bailey, Cameron Forrestor

Summer 1995-96 Mens Doubles Section 3
H Wilson, F Gogoll, B Roberts, T Hutchison, S Minty

Summer 1995-96 Juniors Section 11
Reuben Day, Shannon Johnson, Ajay Lachmund

Summer 1995-96 Juniors Section 14
Adam Cooke, Michelle Dyall, Jason Bailey, Daniel Metcalf

Winter 1995 Juniors Section 13
C Evans, S Johnson, R Day, A Lachmund

Winter 1995 Mixed Doubles, Section 9
B Roberts, L Hannah, L Dyall, G Pretty, B Forestor, P McMaster

Summer 1993-94 Juniors Section 8
S Hutchison, K Davey, P Darling

Winter 1993 Juniors Section 13
S Swain, J Gay, H Matulis, K Carey, M Longman

Summer 1992-93 Mixed Doubles Section 4
J Scoble, S McDonald, N Thornell, J Smith, F Young

Summer 1992 Midweek Ladies Section 7
M Allen, B Danger, H Manning, H Parker, A Gogoll, L Alchin

Winter 1992 Juniors Section 5
Ross Parker, Ben Owens, Tim Huthison, Mark Scoble

Summer 1991-92 Juniors Section 8
Ben Owens, Ross Parker, Tim Hutchison, Ken Gartlan

Summer 1991 Midweek Ladies Section 7
C Garsten, C Davey, K Scoble, M Roberts

Winter 1991 Midweek Ladies Section 8
L Dyall, B Danger, M Allen A Gogoll, M Langman

Winter 1991 Juniors Section 11
Ross Parker, Ben Owens, Ben Halton, Chris Carbone, Andrew Immel

Winter 1991 Mixed Doubles Section 3
James Scoble, Scott McDonald, Drew Adams, Faye Young, Meredith Roberts, Noelene Thornell

Winter 1991 Midweek Ladies Section 16
J Growney, J Gay, J Jose, K Green, J Barnetts

Summer 1990 Juniors Section 11
Ben Halton, Tim Hutchinson, Andrew Immel, Andrew Juniper, Troy Scoble

Summer 1990 Midweek Ladies, Section 10
C Gartsin, R Fox, M Langman, K Scoble, J Baxter, D Adams

Winter 1990 Juniors Section 15
M Allen, L Alchin, F Studham, J Growney, J Jose, H Parker

Winter 1990 Midweek Ladies, Section 8
M Roberts, R Gaylor, C Davey, K Scoble, M Langman

Summer 1988-89 Junior Mixed Section 4
Wayne Ficnerski, Simon Bailey, Chris Tatham

Summer 1988-89 Ladies Singles Section 1
J Atkins, S Scoble

Summer 1987-88 Mens Doubles Section 6
C Scoble, C Huxtable, L Sheales, G Nanscawen, S Hope

Summer 1987-88 Ladies Doubles Section 1
J Atkins, S Scobie, D Adams, A Stewart, S Nicholson,

Winter 1987 Midweek Ladies Section 11
K Scoble, J McCormick, P Copeland, C Garstin

Winter 1987 Junior Doubles Section 5
K McRobb, M Ficnerski, S Bailey, B Bleakley, S Gaylor

Summer 1986-87 Mixed Doubles, Section 27
I Bland, J Bland, F Temple, J Temple

Summer 1986 Midweek Ladies, Section 7
V Trotter, P Pratt, S Nicholson, L Horton, K Scoble

Summer 1985-86 Mixed Doubles, Section 23
L Sheales, G Nanscawen, M McKenzie, A Gogoll

Winter 1985 Mixed Doubles, Section 10
G Fuller, T Atkins, J Atkins, A Gogoll

Winter 1985 Ladies Singles, Section 2
Karen Rowlands, Linda Hibbert

Winter 1984 Midweek Ladies, Section 13
M Elmore, R Fox, H Landy, M Langman, S Scoble

Summer 1984 Midweek Ladies, Section 19
D Munroe, D Williams, P Ridout, R McNamee

Winter 1984 Junior Singles, Section 9
P Mills, C Clarke, S Forward, C Froanes

Summer 1983-84 Mixed Doubles, Section 16
M Young, P Machin,  S Kimberley, A White, K Scoble

Winter 1983 Junior Singles, Section 9
P Elmore, P Mills, J Farnsworth, D Gruber

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