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Court Hire

The Belconnen Tennis Club courts are open for hire by members and casual court hirers for doubles or singles play. During the COVID-19 restrictions, strict protocols apply.  Prevention is still the only protection against Covid 19 –  Isolation, Hygiene, Sanitisation, Tracking.

The Club is required to keep track of all players, i.e. time, date, names.  * This is a Health Department Directive – Failure to record names of players may result in suspension of booking rights.

  • You must list ALL participating players at the booking site when you book a court. Email [email protected] with names if there are additional players.
  • A register of all social group players must also be kept and emailed to: [email protected]
  • Doubles (1 person per 4 square metres) or Singles play permitted.

To Book-a-Court, please follow the booking procedures below. To assist the Club ensure a safe environment, players must comply with our Club guidelines (below). Playing tennis is at your own risk and the Club excludes itself, to the extent lawful, from any liability.  Hours are restricted on any one court. Please turn up at the booked time and leave promptly following play.

Play Safely – Please:

  • Stay home if you are sick, have symptoms or have been in touch with anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Bring your own sanitiser (use often) and water bottle.
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres off the court and avoid all physical contact.Arrive on time and vacate the court complex immediately upon completion of play.
  • The clubhouse is closed for social activities. Access is restricted to use of toilets and handwashing only.  Clean and disinfect all surfaces after use.
  • Comply with the Club Entry Signage
  • Read and follow the COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play, ACT at TACT website here.

Booking Procedure – ‘Book A Court’

Belconnen Tennis Club has recently installed an automated court hire booking and access control system as part of a Tennis Australia pilot called ‘Book A Court‘ (BAC).

Bookings can be made online via the form below or through the – Belconnen Tennis Club – ‘Book A Court’ Website.

All court users are required to be registered  with the Belconnen Tennis Club  Book A Court database.

Existing Members on the MyTennis membership database were asked to respond to an ‘invitation to register email that was sent a number of times in 2017. Club membership details had been copied to Book A Court.  The UserID  (login name) for Book A Court and MyTennis is your registered email address.  Responding to this invitation email will activate your registration and allow you to book courts at member prices. If you cannot find your ‘invitation to register email’ or are having ongoing difficulties please contact [email protected]

New members are added to the BookACourt register as required by the TA Play IT support team on our request  and sent the invitation to register.

If anybody is having problems or being charged non-member rates, Either,  Contact the Tennis Australia IT Support team direct  or email

[email protected]   to have your membership details updated in Book A Court

Payments for court/light hire are made using a credit card.

Non-members will need to register their basic details and credit card details to hire a court.  The court hire fee is inclusive of the transaction fee.

The registration details are kept by Book A Court but all the credit card details and payment procedures are handled by Stripe secure payment system which is a third party company backed by Australian major banks and is a reliable rival to PayPal in terms of information security and turnover.

For an overview of BAC check out Tennis Australia website:


Refer to: BTC BookACourt Guide Sheet v1.0 April 2017 for more detailed instructions.


Hire Fees

Belconnen Tennis Club courts and facilities are available for hire to members, non-members and groups and for special events.

Daylight Under Lights
Non-Members $15 per hour $20 per hour
Members $0 (n/a) $10 per hour
Guests with Members $5 per session $5 per session

(Rates subject to change – with due notice)

Access Problems?   

Contact Play Support (or club contacts below)

Contact Details and Hours of Operation are available at:

Tennis Australia Customer Support team (Play) provide an IT Helpdesk to assist with system access problems

M– F 8am till 6pm    Sat 10am till 4pm     Sunday Closed    * All times are in AEST

Phone:   1800 752 983      

Email:  [email protected]  

Live Chat – from the Tennis Aust Play website

Group, Regular or Special Events bookings or Local Issues    

Please contact the club at:    [email protected]

Or contact any of the following:-

Court Controller Barbara Tai                   0428 319 759

Coach Jeff Gray                                            0411 041 470 (at the courts most days)

President Martin Klein                            0432 953 550

Maintenance Officer Norm Burmester 0432076712

Making a BookingBelconnen Tennis Club courts

Book A Court enables members to make court reservations and to get access to lights easily and greatly improves access for non-members to hire courts and to make payment.  We are also able to track court usage more closely.  We would ask that all hirers, in particular club members to record the  names of all players when making a booking.

Please only book for the time you will actually use the court and cancel any unwanted bookings as soon as possible.   We have had instances where all courts have been booked but during the morning, all but two courts were empty.

You will be emailed/SMS’d your access code on successful booking.    Please ensure that you enter the code on arrival at the courts – the code is active 15 minutes before the reservation time. Please keep the GATE CLOSED. The issued pin is active for the duration of the booking so any late comers can enter your code to get in. A security system is now in place at the club with movement sensitive cameras. This means that all players must leave the premises – including the clubhouse – before midnight.


Non-Members Playing with Members

When making a booking please enter the names of all players for your session.  Details are stored and can be retrieved from drop down lists for any subsequent bookings

Members who are playing with non-member guests are required to collect a $5 visitors fee from each non-member for each session of play. This can be either handed to a committee member or can be transferred via Electronic Funds Transfer to Belconnen Tennis Club: Westpac BSB: 032 732 Account No: 161 156  

When making a bank transfer put a reference  in the transfer eg  ‘name’ + ‘Vstr’+ mmdd  date.


If there are problems with bookings  and getting system access contact the Tennis Australia IT Help Desk or nominated club administrators.

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