Beenleigh Tennis

James Rapkins - Head Coach

Tennis is a huge part of my life and i take great pride in helping my students develop as athletes, Tennis players and more importantly, as people. My history with Tennis has included a wide range of coaching experiences in Australia and around the world, however it is the present and future which most excites me the most. Highlights:Currently one of Australia's under 12 Talent Development Coaches and have been the QLD Super 10's Team Coach in the National Finals in which we finished in 2nd place 2013 and again in 2014. Managing the Beenleigh Blaze Pro Tennis Team and we were successful enough to play at Melbourne Park during the Aussie Open 2013. Working for Roy Emerson in Gstaad, Newcombes Ranch in Texas, and Cliff Drysdale in Miami. I love working here because:The people and the Tennis. We have everything at BTC. The best staff for every level of training. The best competitions for every level of play. Philosophy: Never be beaten due to a lack of Passion, Fitness or determination. Everything else can be learnt.When i'm not working: Wakeboarding, Snorkelling, AFL, Basically anything outside.