Bayview Tennis Club

Special Events 2019

Sunday March 24th

Congratulations Val and Maureen Ladies Special Events champions and Ray and Steve Men’s Special Events champions.

Sunday March 10th

Winners today’s Special Events:

Maureen and Val 6-2; 7-5
Mark and Jin 6-1; 5-7; 6-3

Sunday March 3rd

Winners today’s Special Events:

Maureen Kane and Val Mitchell 6-3; 7-5 over Megan Rawings and Lee Collard

Stephen Ramage and Ray Lovell 6-3; 2-6; 6-2 over Ian Fewtrell and Garry Matthew-Stubbs

Sharyn Hughes and Liz Cullen 6-1; 6-2 over Suzie Beveridge and Fiona Lovell