Saturday Juniors


Welcome to the Saturday Juniors competition which caters for beginners through to more advanced players. Junior players must be under the age of 18 years at May 1 for Winter season and October 1 for Summer season.

The Junior Competition format consists of four player teams with mixed sections (two boys and two girls) and single sex sections (four girls or four boys) playing first to six games (tie break at 5 games all in Grades 1 to 13, no tie break in Grades 14 and below). The mixed teams play six sets comprising four singles and two mixed doubles. The single sex teams play six sets comprising four singles and two doubles.

Players should be available to play each Saturday morning during the season from 9am onwards, playing both home and away matches.  Parents/ Guardians will be rostered to supervise and umpire children’s matches during the season (below a certain grade) and may be requested to act as ‘Team Manager’ for their child’s team at some point every 4 to 5 seasons. Please note, parents may be required to umpire during finals matches even if their child is not playing in the match.  Junior Club membership is $50 with an additional $25 match fee for the season.


  • Saturday mornings – start 9 am
  • Two seasons per year – The Junior Winter competitions run from April to August and the Summer competitions run from October to March with a long break over the Christmas period.


  • Dave Brauer 0408 383 279