2014 Junior/Senior Tournament

P1070090 P1070087The Barwon Heads Community Bank annual round robin tournament was held on March 2nd 2014.

24 juniors played in the singles round-robin in the morning. We witnessed great skills and sportsmanship by all our aspiring, young players. It was a very enjoyable day and the winners were:

Boys 18 and under: Winner: Harry Johns. Runner-up: Conor McKinnon

Boys 16 and under: Winner: Liam Carroll. Runner-up: Emmett Hudson

Boys 14 and under: Winner: Thomas Hartney. Runner-up: Alex Brown Bridge

Girls 14 and under: Winner: Grace Cotter

Boys 12 and under: Winner: Charlie Brauer. Runner-up: Will McCullough

Boys 10 and under: Winner: Samuel O’Brien. Runner-up: George McCullough.

The winner of the Annette Cullen Encouragement award goes to a junior who has shown great sportsmanship and commitment to his tennis. The winner of this award in 2014 was Conor McKinnon, who is a very talented player, contributes to the club both on and off the court, plays both in a juniors and seniors side, and is a pleasure to have around the club. Well done Conor!



36 Adults took to the courts in the afternoon for the mixed round-robin. They enjoyed playing 24 games of tennis, changing partners after every 4 games. The winners were:

Male Winner: Brett Armstrong.  Male Runner-up: Conor McKinnon. Male 3rd place: Bryan Carroll

Female Winner: Margie McLeod. Female Runner-up: Mimi Armstrong. Female 3rd place: Sonia Pittaway.

Thanks to all our participants and a big thank you to Deb Read for all her help on the day and the committee members for running another successful tournament in 2014.