Barwon Tennis

Development Squads

Barwon Region Tennis Development Squad

BRS Information-
Providing an opportunity to identify enthusiastic young tennis players in the region. The program will introduce these players to competition/representative tennis and the pathway to the higher level. Ages range from 8 – 15years. (Athletes already selected in the BSA program are ineligible).

How do I get selected?
A trial is held in conjunction with the BSA trials. Prior knowledge of players will be sort via coaches. This date will be set by Tennis Vic and Barwon Region Tennis (late November). Invite to trials sent out via local tennis data base.

Selection criteria-
Multiple ability level squads are selected and catered to.

What does it entail?
12 x 2hr Sunday sessions with local coaches led by Mick Mullen and Cameron Govan.

$250 + $25 Barwon Region polo shirt.