Barton Tennis Club

Courts booked by Members

Members of the Club should book a court through the Book-A-Court website.  ( )

Members should not be charged a fee when booking courts. You receive a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you use to enter into the electronic keypad at the main gate. This will operate up to 10 minutes before you booked time.

If you book a court for night use, you pay a lighting fee when you book. This is $3 per 30 minute session. For the lights to operate, you must enter you PIN, even if you find the gate already open when you arrive. Shut the gate and enter your PIN.

You can take your chance that a court is available and simply turn up at the courts to play without booking. In this case enter the Club PIN, that members will receive. However those who have booked a court through the Book-A-Court website have priority access to the courts.

The list below shows permanent court bookings by members.

MONDAY  6-8pm: Matthews. Courts 1,2

TUESDAY  9-11.30am: Club Social Tennis Courts 1,2,3,4

WEDNESDAY  9-11am: Cassell. Courts 1,2

WEDNESDAY  9-11am: Weissel. Court 3

WEDNESDAY   7.30- 10pm: Club Social Tennis. Courts 1,2

THURSDAY    5-7pm: Eppelstun. Court 4

THURSDAY  8.30-11am Ladies Social Tennis Courts 1,2,3

THURSDAY    7-11pm: Adam. Courts 1,2,3,4

FRIDAY    9-11.30am: Dunn Courts 1,2

FRIDAY    9.30 – 11am: Moss Court 4

SATURDAY 9-11am: Cassell Courts 1,2


Any changes, please notify Geoff Wood ([email protected])