Barton Tennis Club

Court Hire

Members of the public may hire courts.

Court hire is $20 per hour plus a booking fee typically about 60 cents. (Or $10 per half hour)

You may hire a tennis court at Barton on-line through the website. During the booking process, the site will ask you to pay by credit card. You will receive a 4-digit number (PIN)  that will allow you to enter the club facility at the time (and 10 minutes before)  you have booked. You use this 4-digit number followed by the reverse-arrow at bottom of keypad at the electronic keypad at the gate.

Please go to this link Book a Court at Barton TC

Provided courts are available, you can hire a court up until the actual time. In other words you can be in the club car-park at 12.20pm and book online for 12.30pm.

When playing at night, the court hire process include payment for lights which is $3 per 30 minutes. The lights will come on at the court you have booked at the time you have booked. Even if the gate is already open, you must shut the gate, enter your PIN into the electronic key pad at the gate for the lights to come on and gain entry. Normally the gate should be kept closed.

There are some times when the courts are unavailable for hire. These times include Thursday evenings and Tuesday mornings when all courts are pre-booked, Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings when most courts are pre-booked.

If you have any difficulty with the on-line booking process, please email Geoff Wood on [email protected] or phone 6295 9558.