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MLC Tennis Hot Shots – Learn to play

MLC Tennis Hot Shots and the Learning to Play pathway

Children will progress through the three different stages (red, orange and green) as their ability improves. At each stage, players use low compression ball in combination with three different court sizes.

Slower balls give players more time and control, making tennis easier to play. MLC Tennis Hot Shots Deliverers ensure that all players use the appropriate ball and court size for their skill level.

Prep Stage

Exploring the prep stage (3 – 4 year olds)

By developing the players fundamental motor skills and incorporating these into learning the basics of the red court, it allows for an easy transition into our Red Ball Classes The small racquets allow consistent contact with the slow red ball.

Red Stage

Exploring the red stage (5-7 year olds)

By learning the basics on the red court, children will master new skills and learn how to move around the court. The small racquets allow consistent contact with the slow red ball.

Children are able to:

  • perform a circular swing on groundstrokes
  • serve with variety of direction in a throwing motion
  • rally with a partner for 20 shots
  • vary speed and direction of the ball to move an opponent in a rally situation
  • anticipate their opponent’s shots
  • perform a volley and overhead with some control and consistency in a rally situation
  • cooperate with, and help others in a pair and team situation

Orange Stage

Developing Hot Shots Orange (8-10 years olds)

During this stage the best players are able to develop a complete technical repertoire. The length of the court forces the attacking player to be accurate and use spin. It allows players to approach the net and develop their net game. As a consequence, counterattacking will be more than just playing defensive lobs, short angled passing shots, aggresive drives and top spin lobs will be developed.

Children are able to:

  • perform a circular swing and a consistent contact point on groundstrokes
  • perform a rhythmic service motion
  • rally with a partner for 20 shots on half a doubles court using forehands and backhands
  • hit the ball with purpose, changing the speed, height, spin and direction to move an opponent in a rally situation
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in their own and their opponent’s game
  • perform a volley and overhead with control and consistency in a rally situation
  • understand fair play and demonstrate this when playing

Green Stage

Encouraging Hot Shots Green (10-12 year olds)

Even advanced players face a difficult time on the larger court. Playing forward, coming to the net, using the serve as a weapon – it all becomes a lot more difficult. Deliverers should emphasis an advanced court positioning, taking the ball on the rise and enough weight transfer into the shots.

Children are able to :

  • perform shoulder turn, circular swing on groundstrokes and consistency in contact
  • serve into the service box from the baseline
  • rally with a partner for 20 shots on a full court
  • readily adapt their strokes and court positioning in response to their opponent’s actions
  • utilise their strengths and exploit their opponent’s weaknesses
  • apply tactics in all game situations
  • display respect for coaches, officials and other players

(Ages are a guideline for children entering the program)

From the green stage children will move on to play on a full court with a regular ball.

Yellow Stage

Yellow Ball Classes – Encouraging Fixture/Tournament Players (1 hr 30 min session / Max of 6 players)

A session designed for players participating in regular fixture and tournament compeitions. Players will develop both their tenchincal and tatical skills and will work on game based drills. Players are invited to participate in this session.

Adult Tennis Options

Adult Beginner Classes

For those who haven’t played before or are wanting to get back into tennis, our Adult Group Coaching sessions on a Tuesday morning are a great introduction or way to ease back into the game. No booking required. The class runs from 9am – 10.30am, costs $12 and a racquet can be supplied.

Social Tennis

On Friday, come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Social Tennis which runs from 8.30am – 10am. There is a light game based session conducted by a coach and the rest is social match play. Tea/Coffee is provided at the end of play. Cost is $12, no booking required.


For the more energetic there is gameFIT. These sessions are a coach initiated game based fitness session. Cost is $15 and bookings are essential.

Court Hire Options

Option 1 – Pay per hour. General court hire is $12 per hour. Courts are available outside any use for current coaching or fixture programs. If you would like to play on a Sunday you will need to organise to pick up a key for the courts between 9am Monday – 6pm Friday.

Option 2 – 3 or 6 or 12 month court hire memberships. Pick up a key from the office and use the courts for the length of your membership. Courts are available at any time outside of any current coaching or fixture programs.

12 months – $468

6 months – $260

3 months – $156