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Junior Summer 2019/2020 Season

23 March 2020 |

The following is an extract of an email sent by Kerry Humphrey from Tennis Geelong relating to the Juniors.

As you are aware, last Saturday morning all Tennis Geelong competitions were suspended due to concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).  This suspension was initiated after the overnight announcement from Tennis Australia that all competitions and tournaments run by TA and their state bodies, including Tennis Victoria, were suspended indefinitely.

Since Saturday, we have gathered all available information, including further consultation with Tennis Victoria.  Tennis Geelong has determined the best course of action is to be a part of the solution to this unprecedented situation, and cancel all TG run competition until further notice.

For the TG Junior Competition, the following will apply to the uncompleted summer 2019-20 season:

SATURDAY JUNIORS – all finals matches played will stand, but finals not played will be considered cancelled by the Association, and Rule 4.11.7 will apply:

In the event of the COMPETITION COMMITTEE cancelling a semi-final the competing team highest on the ladder, at the end of the home and away season, will be deemed the winner.

i.e. “Page” system – in the semi-finals 1 meets 2, and 3 meets 4: a cancellation will result in 1 going straight into the grand final with 2 playing 3 in the preliminary final. 4 is knocked out.

“Knock out” system – 1 meets 4 and 2 meets 3 in the semi-finals; a cancellation will result in teams 1 and 2 playing in the grand final.

  •  in the preliminary final a cancellation will result in the home team going straight into the grand final.
  • Should the grand final be cancelled then the home team will be deemed the winner.

Attached are the list of premiers and runners up for the 2019-20 summer season.

Congratulations to our Section 10 boys!

PHOTOS – Premiership Photos will not be taken at this time.  We will try to arrange for these to be taken with the next season’s photos.

WINNER AND RUNNERUP MEDALS – Bernie has sorted all the medals into bags for the appropriate clubs.  These can be collected directly from Bernie.  Please call him 5243 1779 to organise a mutually agreeable collection time when you are ready to do so. Nigel will arrange this for the All Saints’ Section 10 Boys team

WINTER SEASON – teams should be entered as per information already provided.  We will plan to start Winter as per usual, however, we are forming contingencies around an abridged season.  This decision will be made closer to the scheduled start time, as more information comes to hand.

SOCIAL PLAY – exercise and fresh air are important to everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing, and while we are not providing organised competition in the near future, we would encourage anyone comfortable in making the choice to get out on court to do so, using the guidelines outlined by Tennis Victoria, News Section of the Tennis Victoria website

Full information for all 4 TG Competitions are on the TG FB page.

These decisions have not been made lightly, and are considered to be the safest outcome at this point in time.  This is a dynamic situation, so with more information being provided by both the government and sporting bodies, further updates may be required in the following weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter, and we will continue to update everyone as more information comes to hand.

Best wishes to you all.

Kerry Humphrey
Junior Competition Secretary
Tennis Geelong
Ph: 0400 078 337
Email: [email protected]