Tennis Alice Springs


Tennis Alice Springs runs weekly competitions and social events.

Adult Competitions and socials run all year round.  Junior Competitions run all year round and you can join in at anytime.

Monday Night Fast 4 Tennis (Sponsored by Creative Gifts)

All adults are welcome to come down to the tennis from 7:15pm Monday evenings. All sets are organised, and everyone gets to play at the level they are comfortable with:-

• If you don’t have a racquet, we can loan you one.

• If you don’t know anyone, we will introduce you to new people

Everything is organised set up ready for you

It doesn’t matter if you are a bit rusty

• Looking for a fun way to exercise

If you have never played before you can easily get started with us.

Tuesday Night Singles Comp (Sponsored by Scope Building)

Sign in is at 7pm.  Play commences at 7:15pm sharp.  Each player will play one doubles then one Singles. Played in teams of two, you either bring a team mate or we can provide one for you. This competition caters for people with National Rankings through to a B grade level player. 

Thursday Night Social Mixed Comp (Sponsored by Gillen Club)

Social sign in is from 6:45pm and start time is 7:00pm.

The competition format is teams of 4 players, and each team mush have at least 1 male and 1 female. 

You can form your own team of four or we can place you into a team at your level.   

Friday Afternoon Junior Comp (Sponsored by Uncle Edy’s)

There are 3 sessions, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  Sign in is at those times.  Junior athletes play both doubles and singles across the 2 hours.