Albion Tennis Club

Court Availability

Please check the court time table and competition training list below.


Conditions of use

Albion TC Competition teams have the rights to train once a week and use one of the available courts time table.

Competition teams have the rights to ask members or Casual court hires users to vacate a court during these times

Lights operate by a coin operated machine located at the front of the Clubhouse. Only $2.00 coins will operate the machine and $10.00 will give you one hour of play. A warning light signal will appear when you have 5 minutes of play left; you may place more $2.00 coins in the machine if you wish to continue to play.

If you require a key, this will cost $40.00 deposit, and remains the property of the club. The key is available to Senior and Family members only. Junior members should not be at the courts unsupervised. Locks are changed annually and new keys are exchanged. Deposit refundable if you leave the club.

Hire of Courts for Non-Members is charged at $25.00 per hour per court and due to our growth in membership, courts are only available on Sundays.

Members guests may utilise courts however a fee of $10.00 per guest per visit is applicable.

Breach of these conditions may result in members or non-members / guests being asked to vacate a court or a cancellation of membership and access rights revoked.