COVID-19 UPDATE (as at 16 July 2020)

All Australian Ranking Tournaments are currently postponed to help contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

No Australian Ranking Tournaments will be held prior to 12 October 2020 as they require all states and territories to be able to host events as well as unrestricted travel and the majority of domestic borders to be open.

To see tournaments that are currently running in the ACT please visit the Tennis ACT UTR Events page or the ANZ Junior Development Series ACT page.

Australian Ranking Tournaments

Australian Ranking tournaments offer players there opportunity to participate in tournament play and earn points towards an Australian Ranking.  There are two types of Australian Ranking Tournaments, Junior Tour events which cater for players 18 and under, and Australian Money Tournaments which cater for players 13 and over.

The Junior Tour

The Junior Tour (JT) is an umbrella tour that provides a clear competitive pathway for aspiring tennis players.  The JT tournaments offer Australian Ranking points across four levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze  These tournaments offer points across the 12/u, 14/u and 16/u age groups, with select tournaments also offering points in the 18/u age group.  Click here for further information.

Australian Money Tournaments

Australian Money Tournaments AMTs are semi-professional tournaments introduced by Tennis Australia in 2006.  They are designed to create quality matchplay opportunities and help with the transition for post junior athletes.

AMT’s are open to male and female tennis athletes based on merit, but only once athletes have reached their thirteenth (13th) birth year (1st January onwards). However, athletes will not be eligible to use points earned from AMT events towards their Australian Ranking until the end of the month once they have turned 15 years of age.

There are four levels of AMT’s – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – based on prize money levels offered to the open events.

Click here for further information.

What events are held in the ACT?

Please find below the tournament calendar for the ACT which includes JT’s, AMT’s, and professional tournaments.

How do I enter?

All entries for Australian Ranking tournaments are completed online at here to download step by step instructions on how to enter.