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Court Maintenance – Synthetic Grass

Maintenance needs of court surfaces vary depending on factors such as base construction, environment, landscape and usage. Information on how to maintain your courts should be provided by the installation contractors and can also be obtained from manufacturers throughout the playing life of the surface. Further guidance is also available from Tennis Queensland’s ‘Technical Manual’ which provides information on the design, construction and maintenance of all aspects of tennis facilities.

For sand filled artificial grass (SFAG), the guide describes regular maintenance of sand levels as the most important task for achieving consistent playing characteristics and provides guidance on equipment, frequency and techniques. Advice is also provided on periodic maintenance such as pressure washing and chemical treatments, in addition to the importance of minimising maintenance issues through considered landscape planning e.g., proximity of trees.

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Traditional Lighting vs LED

When comparing traditional lighting with LED systems, there are a number of considerations from cost to quality and end users.

With this taken in to account, performance, operational and financial advantages of LED’s include:

  • Better quality & flexible lighting (focused output & less trapped light)
  • Last longer (greater durability due to both design & operational factors)
  • Cost savings & eco-friendly (utilise less energy & low voltage power required)

Whilst the initial price of LED’s is typically higher than traditional lighting, low operational costs and longer useful life (number of hours the fixture will deliver required standard of light) will save venues money in the long term, through postponing costly maintenance and reducing energy bills.

If you feel your club is in a position to further investigate installing LED lighting, financial support may be available. To view ACT grants visit and information about Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate Scheme can be found

For more information, contact Jake on (02) 6160 7808 or [email protected].

Planning to light up your courts?

Court lighting is a hot topic, with many clubs looking in to LED lighting solutions to improve lux levels, reduce energy costs and decrease environmental impact. Consultation with the ACT Government for such projects is essential, and also provides a great opportunity to develop key stakeholder relationships.

Questions to ask include whether there are any obligations or restrictions you need to be aware of and if planning permission is required, what information you need to provide. This may include proposed designs, engineered drawings, lighting spill diagrams and/or an environmental impact study. Bear in mind that lighting pole installations may also require a building permit, irrespective of whether planning permission is required.

For more advice on how to engage your Local Authority about lighting projects, please contact Karoline Curtis, Tennis Australia’s Local Government Projects Coordinator.

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