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Semi-finals March 18

Div 1A: SW Lakers d ARV Saints 7-1(34-19),  FH Leopards d SW Cobras 6-2(30-26)

Div 1B: BP Goannas d HP Raiders 6-2(34-22), BP Bulls d ARV Boomers 6-2(32-22)

Div 2A: ARV Broncos d BP Hotshots8-0(36-14), BP Redbacks d HP Victory 6-2(26-13)

Div 2B: BP Ravens d BP Devils 5-3(29-27), SW Rebels d KGL Kookaburras 6-2(29-17)

Div 3A: BP Aces d BP Demons 5-3(28-23), BP Roosters d SW Giants 5-3(32-27)

Div 3B: BP Wildcats d BP Jets 7-1(26-13), BP Sharks d BP Jaguars 6-2(22-20)

Grand Finals March 25

Div 1A: FH Leopards d SW Lakers 5-3(27-24)

Div 1B: BP Bulls d BP Goannas 2-1 tiebreaks after tied 4-4(25-27)

Div 2A: BP Redbacks d ARV Broncos 5-3(29-26)

Div 2B: SW Rebels d BP Ravens 6-2(26-22)

Div 3A: BP Aces d BP Roosters 5-3(27-24)

Div 3B: BP Wildcats d BP Sharks 8-0(30-17)

Best Player Award in each Division

Div 1A: Nick Weston FH Leopards

Div 1B: James Boetto BP Bulls

Div 2A: Joss Cooper ARV Broncos

Div 2B: Thomas Croker BP Ravens

Div 3A: Emily Saeki BP Demons

Div 3B: Hannah Male Bolton Park Wildcats

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Most Improved Player Award in each Division

Div 1A: Toby Heap SW Cobras

Div 1B: Tom Howard BP Bulls

Div 2A: Olivia Howard BP Redbacks

Div 2B: Jude McCormack SW Rebels

Div 3A: Mischa Case BP Demons

Div 3B: Matthew Galloway BP Sharks

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13 Mar – amended Comp Ladders Rd 14 (adjusted for unpaid players)

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