Affiliation with Tennis Victoria provides clubs, centres and associations with access to a range of benefits designed to support their operations and grow the great game of tennis.

Click the link to download the 2015/16 affiliation brochure.

2016/17 Affiliation Fees

Affiliation fees for the 2016/17 financial year, commencing on 1 July 2016, continue to represent excellent value for the Victorian tennis community. If you wish to become affiliated with Tennis Victoria for the 2016/17 year, please complete this form and return to [email protected].

Club affiliation fees

For clubs and commercial centres 2016/17 fees are based on 2015/16 fees, indexed by CPI and rounded up to the closest $5.

Bracket 2016/17 fee 2015/16 fee
Country 1-4 courts $560 $550
Country 5-9 courts $855 $840
Country 10-19 courts $1,590 $1,560
Country 20+ courts $2,590 $2,545
Metro 1-4 courts $970 $950
Metro 5-9 courts $1,565 $1,535
Metro 10+ courts $4,095 $4,025
Concession fee* $175 $170

* Clubs first granted concession fees in 2014/15 are due to reapply to be eligible to receive this fee. Further communication to these clubs will follow later this month. However, Clubs first granted concession fees in 2015/16 do not need to reapply until 2017/18.

Association fees

Association affiliation fees are increasing based on a schedule communicated to Associations in February 2014, which see the phasing in of an appropriate increase to their fees.

Bracket 2016/17 fee 2015/16 fee
Small Country (<30 clubs) $575 $400
Large Country (30+ clubs) $1,150 $750
Small Metro (<30 clubs) $750 $500
Large Metro (30+ clubs) $1,500 $1,000

When do we pay?

All current affiliates will receive an invoice via email on 1 July 2016. Please do not send payment prior to receiving your invoice.


To make a claim or further information on the National Insurance Program, click here.

As part of Tennis Australia’s renewal of the National Insurance Program it is a requirement to the insurers that tennis clubs declare any situations or events they are aware of that could result in a claim.

Are you (on behalf of your club/centre) aware of any unreported incidents which may give rise to a claim under your Public Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability Insurance policies?

N.B: This does not relate to Personal Accident claims for injured players, which require notification direct to Sportscover.

You club will be sent an updated Certificate of Currency early in November.

Not currently affiliated?

Please contact Narelle Holding via [email protected].

If you have any queries please contact the TennisConnect team via (03) 8420 8420.