The People with an Intellectual Disability (PWID) Australian Ranking is the mathematical method of ranking Australian tennis athletes with an intellectual disability on a calendar year basis.

An athlete’s PWID Australian Ranking is calculated using the best two (2) singles results plus their best two (2) doubles result.

The official PWID Australian Ranking system works on a 12 month rollover system – calculated by athletes’ total points in the preceding 12 months from when they first obtain a PWID Australian Ranking. Once this 12 month period expires, acquired points will cease to contribute to an athlete’s PWID Australian Ranking.

View the PWID Australian ranking guidelines

View the Selection Guidelines for representing Australia at INAS Sanctioned International events.

Men’s rankings

Current as at 10th October 2016

Ranking Name
1 Archie Graham
2 Mitchell James
3 Damian Phillips
4 Zvi Schweitzer
5 Alex Baker
6 Joshua Holloway
7 Senya Rudoy
8 David Burke
9 Scott Crowden
10 Tim Adam

Women’s rankings

Current as at 10th October 2016

Ranking Name
1 Kelly Wren
2 Carla Lenarduzzi
3 Kathryn Wilson
4 Madison Wall
5 Sharon Morse
6 Yasmin Sanders
7 Joanna Klaosen
8 Breanna Tunny
9 Heather Cleary
10 Fiona Taylor