Tennis NSW

Seniors 35+

Seniors tennis competitions are played in all states and territories and up to 1000 players compete each year for the Teams Trophy at the Australian Tennis Championships. In the individual Championships, players compete for the honour to represent Australia at the ITF World Teams Championships.

Australia has 13 ITF sanctioned tournaments for ITF World Singles Ranking points, many National Ranking tournaments, round robin and social tournaments as well as team based events. These events are open to any player once they reach the age of 35 or older and are designed to provide specialised tennis and social opportunities for all players throughout Australia.

Why is Seniors Tennis so successful?

Tennis is a sport that we can play for a lifetime however as one player said “it’s always nice to play someone your own age”. Seniors tennis competitions are divided into five-year age groups starting at 35 years.

Tennis Seniors NSW is the State Seniors organisation for NSW, which welcomes new members. They conduct International, National, State and Regional tournaments and events for players over 35+ years of age.

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