Tennis NSW


Personal Sports Injury Insurance

As a registered player with Tennis NSW you are automatically covered for any injury incurred whilst playing tennis anywhere in Australia, not just at your local club.

Personal Sports Injury Insurance is a must for all players regardless of age, coverage includes reimbursement of non-medicare medical expenses, loss of income and capital benefits. For more information, click here

Non-Medicare Medical Benefits

This cover reimburses expenses that are not standard Medicare items (80% reimbursement up to a maximum of $3,000, with a $50 excess, per the terms and conditions of the policy) and incurred within 12 calendar months of the injury occurring, and are paid by the player for treatment certified necessary by a legally qualified medical physician. This cover includes the cost of medical supplies and ambulance hire as per terms and conditions of the policy.

The Health Insurance Act (Cth) 1973 does not permit the trustee or insurer to contribute to any charges covered by Medicare (including the Medicare Gap). This means that any charges for treatment from a doctor, surgeon, anesthetist or surgeon’s assistant are not covered. It also means charges for x-ray, some MRI scans (if Medicare registered) and public hospitals are not covered. In addition, there will be no refund in respect of:

  1. Any expense recoverable from any other insurance scheme or plan providing medical or similar coverage, or from any other source except for the excess of the amount recoverable from such other policies/plans;
  2. Any expense to which the National Health Act (Cth) 1953 or any of the regulations made there under apply.

Coverage can include physiotherapy costs and also extends to the areas of domestic home help, student allowance, bed care patient, chauffeur plan, rehabilitation, home/vehicle modification, funeral expenses and fractured and broken bones (per the terms and conditions of the policy)

If you injure yourself playing tennis:

Inform the club where the incident took place immediately. Notify Tennis NSW within 7 days of the incident. Tennis NSW will confirm your current player registration status and contact details and inform the insurance company to send out a claim form. As this is a reimbursement policy, please make sure you collect all receipts from your medical treatments resulting from the incident.

If you have any queries regarding Sports Injury Insurance, contact Tennis NSW on 1800 15 30 40.