Tennis NSW


Tennis is a fun, social, healthy sport and whether you’re a junior or senior, looking at getting on the professional circuit, playing local competitions and tournaments or returning back to the game after some time away, Tennis NSW can help you get started!

How can I learn?
Having lessons from a qualified tennis coach is a great way to start. A coach can put you in a class with people of the same standard, or you can choose to get private one-on-one lessons. Once you’ve learnt how to hit the ball you can then start to play a game.

To get in contact with a Tennis Australia qualified coach, give us a call and ask to speak to Joe or Margaret on 1800 15 30 40.

What equipment do I need? All you’ll need is a tennis racquet and some tennis balls. Choose a racquet to suit your age and tennis experience. If you are learning to play for the first time, you should choose a light racquet which may be slightly shorter than a normal tennis racquet. Your tennis coach or local sports store will be able to help you choose the right racquet.

How old should I be? Tennis is great because it is a game that can be played for life, starting from as young as three years of age.

Do I have to join a club to play Tennis? It is a good idea to join a club because there are many activities you will be able to join in with such as fun days, social events, coaching, competitions and tournaments. There are almost 500 Tennis NSW Member clubs throughout NSW. To find one near you, please use the ‘Help me…find a Tennis Club’ application to the right of this screen.

If you join a Member club, you will automatically become a Tennis NSW Registered Player, allowing you to take advantage of great benefits.