Tennis NSW


Education courses are available and run by Tennis Australia. All courses are free of charge, with a minimum age of 16 years

The courses include a theory and practical component. Once a course is completed the candidate then completes an on-court or tournament situation assessment. Once competent in this they then become fully accredited official in that discipline.

Linesperson- Level D

The Linesperson Level D course is an introduction into officiating. The Linesperson plays an important part in all tennis matches and is a great start for anyone interested in learning more about tennis or even starting their official careers.

A Linesperson is used at various tournaments including; Sydney International and the Australian Open.

Court Supervisor

During a number of junior and local events, there is no access to either a Chair or Linesperson, this is where a Court Supervisor steps in. The Court Supervisor assists Referee and also manages a number of courts guided by the rules and code of behaviour.

Chair Umpire- Level C

The Chair umpire plays a key officiating role within a tennis match, managing all on court activties during a match, assisted by the Line Umpire and Referee. Many successful Australian Chair Umpires are asked to travel all parts of the world and even asked to officiate at the Grand Slams.