Tennis NSW

Tennis Sydney

The role of Tennis Sydney is to review the operations of tennis in metropolitan Sydney.  In turn Tennis Sydney provides advice to the Board on the sport in metropolitan areas.

Tennis Sydney has proceeded to focus on a number of core issues effecting the growth of tennis in the metropolitan area.  These include; Competitions and Events, Grassroots and Participation programs, Tennis NSW Player Registration and Membership, Marketing and Communications, Metropolitan JDS and the Sydney Championships.  A number of advisory groups, consisting of Committee members and staff have been set-up to review some of these areas to provide advice and recommendations to the Committee for consideration at future meetings.

Tennis Sydney Management Committee 2012-2014

  • Tom McCarthy
  • Darren Clark
  • Daniel Yin
  • Neil Smith
  • Patrick Jensen
  • Dave Cochrane

* Chairperson to be re-appointed in 2014.

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