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Country Starz

Country Starz is a post junior program developed by Tennis NSW’s Tennis Country Management Committee.  The program was created due to a void in country player development for athletes aged 18-22 years.  Tennis Country also acknowledges the need for financial assistance for regional athletes at tournaments and competitions, especially in this age-group.

Tennis Country, whilst assisting you, also has expectations of your help in nurturing and developing Country Juniors and acting as mentors during the year at tournaments, regional training days and events.  We hope you can become the role models they not only can aspire to be, but seek your assistance, experience and advice on their journey as a developing junior country player.

As such, Tennis NSW, through the Tennis Country Management Committee, has invested significantly into the Country Starz program to assist a team of selected regional players in total with ideally a male and female from each of the country regions.

  1. Accommodation, meal subsidy and travel assistance
  2. Management and Coaching at more than six selected regional tournaments, including the NSW Country Tennis Championships

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Country Starz team be selected?

Tennis Country has appointed a selection panel which consists of a number of country delegates.  They are;  Ellen Gordon (Northumberland), Andrew Mitton (Central West), Justin Sherriff (North West) and Wendy Saville (South East).

Tennis Country has elected to open the applications to all Tennis NSW Registered Players affiliated with a Tennis NSW recognised club or association in any of the six country regions of NSW. Each regions selectors will recommend candidates which will then be considered by the selection panel when selecting the team.

Entry guidelines

18- 22 years (Must be 18 by the 30th June each year).

Can my individual coach be involved?

Tennis Country recognises the need to integrate a player’s individual coach into the Country Starz program. All team training sessions will allow individual training to take place. Players with/without individual coaches will have access to Tennis NSW’s player development coaches at all team training sessions and throughout each tournament (when available). Individual coaches will not be financially subsidised through the Country Starz program.

Why did a player get in that wasn’t ranked as high as another?

The Australian Ranking (AR), although considered in selection, is only one of the guidelines used by Country Starz selection panel. The program will support players accumulating AR points, however, some players may be selected because they have supported country tennis but have had the inability to accumulate AR points. Also players who demonstrate high levels of sportsmanship and good behaviour will be considered highly.

Do I have to stay with the team?

All team athletes will be housed as a group. Team, bonding and friendship are vital components of the program. Athletes will be under team rules at each event and will be subject to a code of conduct contract at all times.

What tournaments will I have to attend?

Compulsory events include the NSW Country Championships held in Newcastle each year.

Tournaments will be selected shortly but the intention is to play an AMT in all of the country regions.

Expression of Interest

Please send all expressions of interest addressed to Chairman of the Tennis Country Management Committee via e-mail [email protected]