Tennis NSW

Coca Cola Rebate Program

Tennis NSW has established a sponsorship agreement with Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) Australia’s leading premium beverage supplier.  The sponsorship allows Tennis NSW tennis clubs to access CCA product and equipment at competitive prices.  In addition to the great retail opportunity for clubs, CCA and Tennis NSW have also developed a Rebate Program for participating venues.   

The Coca Cola Rebate Program (or CCRP) is designed to reward venues for their ongoing participation in the program.  A portion of the money raised from the sale of CCA product at participating venues will be pooled into a consolidated fund.  Participating clubs will then be entitled to a rebate payment based on the volume of product they sell.  Funds will be distributed annually.

CCA Products and Services 

  • Direct relationship with participating clubs, customer service support and flexible product offerings; including all beverages categories, vending machines and café/coffee (conditions apply)
  • Competitively priced beverages for participating venues as agreed to by Tennis NSW
  • Regular contact with associated sales rep, on-time delivery and credit facilities (to approved customers)
  • Equipment that meets State and National Certificate of Suitability standards
  • Guaranteed manufactured beverage products
  • Additional servicers provided.  Visit for more information

 CCRP Eligibility Criteria

  1. Clubs must be an affiliated member with Tennis NSW (either Club/Association, Court Operator or other Group as defined in the constitution and approved by the Board
  2. Clubs must register all regular competition players with Tennis NSW annually
  3. Clubs must meet with their local Community Tennis Officer at least once throughout the calendar year
  4. Clubs must be a part of at least one of the following National programs/initiatives:  MLC Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Completed a Club Health Check

How do I get involved in the CCRP?

  1. Contact your local CTO who will direct you to the appropriate CCA sales representative
  2. CCA sales team will organise a time to discuss the program with you either in person or over the phone
  3. Participating venues may need to complete a standard CCA registration form
  4. CCA will maintain accurate and up to date records of CCA product sold through the program in NSW and remit to Tennis NSW on an annual basis
  5. Tennis NSW will then arrange payment for eligible clubs in the form of an annual cheque in June each year

Click here to download the CCRP fact sheet

Click here to download a list of CCA representatives

Click here to find your local CTO

Please note:  Tennis NSW and CCA reserves the right, at their sole and absolute discretion, to change any or all of the criteria and components of this program at any time and without prior notice.