Tennis NSW


Two years ago, the Board of Tennis NSW commissioned a review of its governance structures and operations by consultants KPMG. Following the review, KPMG delivered a comprehensive report with 25 recommendations, many of which have since been attended to by Tennis NSW.

In early 2009, in line with the KPMG Review, the Board of Tennis NSW and senior management also commenced a strategic planning process. Throughout the course of 2009 the organisation’s strategic plan was crafted and during Presidents Reserve at the Medibank International 2010, the plan was unveiled to the tennis community, fittingly named ‘Grassroots to Grand Slams 2010 – 2015.’

Our Vision: Tennis will be the number one sport and leisure activity in NSW.

Mission Statement: Tennis NSW will provide our members and the general community with sound leadership, effective communication, quality support services and innovative programs, making for strong clubs/associations, successful players and welcoming facilities.

Strategic Directions:

In providing a roadmap for the future of tennis in NSW, Tennis NSW has identified four strategic directions the sport must negotiate and promote in the period 2009 to 2012. The four strategic directions are:

  1. Player Development;
  2. Grassroots Development;
  3. Business Development, and
  4. Facility Development.

Facility Development Strategy

By 2015, Tennis NSW will educate and work with the state government, local government, schools, community groups and Tennis Australia to encourage that community, commercial and residential development incorporate tennis facilities.

Tennis NSW will work with existing members and the community to improve and retain tennis facilities so they are appealing and welcoming environments to everyone.

Facility Development will be characterised by:

  • A State Master Plan for Tennis Facilities
  • Strong advocacy to government and corporate decision makers
  • Sound support of members through contemporary business methods and tools
  • A vibrant well used Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

There are six key initiatives for Facility Development:

  1. Develop a State Master Plan for Tennis Facilities in NSW
  2. Provide leadership in government, community and corporate relationships
  3. Use Tennis Australia surveys and other market research to develop tennis facility operational benchmarks, which can be used by members to improve their businesses and assist local government authorities in assessing potential facility operators
  4. Provide proven club development resources and tools to assist members maximise facility utilisation
  5. Ensure that Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is presented as the best possible showcase for the Sydney International
  6. Develop and implement an overarching plan for Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, which includes all business, marketing and maintenance operations of the Centre

For more information on our Facility Development Strategy please contact Tennis NSW Facility Development Manager, Brett Andrews (02) 9024 7600 or [email protected].