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State Master Plan

Two years ago, the Board of Tennis NSW commissioned a review of its governance structures and operations by consultants KPMG.

In early 2009, the Tennis NSW also commenced a strategic planning process and throughout 2009 the organisation’s new strategic plan was crafted and subsequently released to the tennis community during the Medibank International 2010, fittingly named – Grassroots to Grand Slam 2010 – 2015.

One of the four key strategic directions of the plan is Facility Development.

Research tells us, and so do our stakeholders, that the standard of tennis facilities in NSW is seriously threatening the health and long term sustainability of the Sport. Action must be taken to address this imbalance, and so in December 2009, Tennis NSW set about to develop a State Master Plan (SMP) for Tennis Facilities.

This website section aims to keep all stakeholders informed of the SMP project, its aims and objectives, progress and final conclusions.




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